"a powerful, gripping, and unforgettable production of Streetcar was imaginatively brilliant
as directed by Tim Brown [associate artistic director of 4-Tenn/Blue Roses]"

- The Southern Register
Oxford, Mississippi

"this award is given for preserving, promoting, and perpetuating the plays of Tennessee
Williams. No one has done these things more completely than our honoree...
Erma Duricko."
- W. Kenneth Holditch
Editor The Tennessee Williams' Journal
New Orleans

"It is with a great amount of pleasure that I welcome the serious and demanding artists that
make up 4-Tenn Productions into The Neighborhood Playhouse...
We are thrilled to make the theatre space available to artists in New York City who feel
strongly about the need for important and meaningful theatre."

- Harold Baldridge
Executive Director
The Neighborhood Playhouse

"in E. M. Lewis' "Eastville" it is this "balance of knowledge" that heightens the tension in
this well acted and well directed (Erma Duricko) play. The special music (Jeff Duricko)
adds appropriately to the mystery of the piece."
- David Roberts
Theatre Reviews Limited

"Director Erma Duricko has created a lovely evening in "Derelicts and Dreamers"…
A talented ensemble of 7 actors demonstrated their versatility in contrasting roles…
Duricko's handling of the core ensemble in Mary Houston's minimalist setting was
particularly astute."

- Victor Gluck

"Derelicts and Dreamers is a kaleidoscope of images,"
constantly surprising with its rainbow of colorful characters."
- Marshall W. Mason

"Erma Duricko has concocted a magical treasure chest out of Tennessee
Williams' lesser-known writings. Poems and soliloquies - characters like Williams' Zelda
Fitzgerald and the cockaloony bird lady as well as an artful adaptation of the short
story "Field of Blue Children" make the stage spin with the beauty of their words.
Plays I had forgotten like Moony's Kid Don't Cry shine in the context of this evening.
To cap off her magic act, Ms. Duricko reveals a recently discovered one-act of Williams'
Preface to 'My Last Duchess'.

A worthy tribute to a great American Playwright. Bravo!"

- John Guare